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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year in Cali

2009 is finally here!
Celebrated at Old Town in Pasadena, California.
Hundreds of people were camped out on the streets to arrive early for the Rose Bowl Parade which should be taking place in a few hours. They were all blowing horns, shooting silly string, throwing creamed tortillas and marshmallows at cars!

One kid had 2 bottles of silly string and approached the car I was in on some Clint Eastwood status! He emptied his cans all over my side of the window. As he turned around to celebrate with his friends, I rolled down the window. The second he turned back around, I tossed a hand full of squashed tortillas at him which flew all across his face! (Priceless!!!)

His friends immediately jumped in and went ALL OUT on us! One went as far to even dish out mustard on the windshield! We zoomed out laughing hysterically!
GREAT night!
Preparing for tomorrow.
My tour starts in a week...


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