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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Last night
A bonfire was held for a 5-years-old boy who passed away recently
The experience was something that I will hold on to forever
Sunset was red-orange
Full moon rose above from opposite end of the equator
Watched over us on beach
Drum Circle
Kids, Adults, Community
20-30 individuals
I asked the deceased child's older brother who is 10-years-old,

"What do you think about the world?
He responded, "It's hurting..."
I said, "Really!? What makes you say that?"
"I don't know, I just feel it"
"Where do you get this feeling from?"
He paused and then looked over the beach, "From the waters."

I'm tellin' you...I met a prophet
My soul has shifted
After being evacuated by police
We went out for late night $1 fish tacos (You have no IDEA!)

Rode bikes with J-Rizzie for 5-7 miles across beach and throughout town
Sun was beaming
......went to Yogurtland for the first time!!!
100% nonfat yogurt available in all kinds of flavors
Never in my life have I had such craziness!
Beautiful---taste bud implosion
Recorded at Z's studio
Met up with Philosophy at Mai Tai Bar
Long day of extracted blessings
Manifesting dreams one inhale at a time


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