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Sunday, April 5, 2009


Nick has been raving about his ability to cook this concoction of brownies and cheesecake for weeks now. Everyone has been anxious to try it so several of us met up at a friend's house to bake the goods. (Mainly because we personally don't own an oven where we live). So, after 2 hours of playing jenga and making jokes to pass the time...Nick FINALLY declared success! All we had to do was wait for it to be refrigerated some...HOWEVER, I don't know if his hands grew shakey from losing the first game of jenga but Nick somehow managed to drop the hot glass tray out of the oven...dramatically!


It almost looked like an episode from the 1980's Batman series with Adam West where the sounds of hitting "bad guys" flashed all over the screen. At 11:07pm, (hard to forget the time considering we all made bets-The Price is Right style-on when the brownie-cheesecake conconction would be ready to eat....needless to say I won that bet with a guess of 11:06pm exactly) Nick dropped the dessert we had all been so patiently waiting for. It splattered all over the kitchen floor where the dog had just pissed. We all ran to the kitchen to see what happened and hovered around the tragedy with sad faces. After a long silence, one of our friends Daniela pushed through and said, "Alright guys! Get a spoon and dig in!"

Under 'normal' circumstances, you just might deal with your loses and clean up the mess which...I guess technically we did but not with napkins or paper towels. We all grabbed spoons and ate off the floor despite the doggie's mess of piss and scattered tray pieces. I ended up chewing on 5-6 chunks of glass. As I tasted the crunch of hot glass in my mouth, I simply spit it out and kept digging into the gourmet delight.  

"One might say that the brownie-cheesecake was GROUNDBREAKING!"
(Corny joke but when I shouted this out last night with broken glass in my mouth, it was hilarious!)


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