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Monday, February 8, 2010


This is a general shot of the set for Penumbra's new opening video. (Below is the other half of the room) Notice the boombox though! Ghettoblaster in full effect. Also, on the wall are some posters that I bought to get that early-mid 1980s feel. To the right is a rare Beat Street poster that says "Breakin' this summer!" I love it!
Peep the Fruit of the Looms!! Haha.
This is a shot of Christina Benavides (Director on shoot) getting a close up of me playing my Dad. (Yes, I shaved my whole face! Ehhh!) As you can see I got that old plancha, ironing board, and starch spray can! What'ch you know bout that!?) Also...the person taking this picture is also running lights. Her name is Chiara Cristina Fariello (Also Assistant Directing the shoot). Btw, that's a Canon HV40 Christina is using. An HD video camcorder that records to mini DV with wonderful capabilities (which I just recently got a Canon DM-50 Shotgun microphone for).
The jacket to the right is a replicate of my Dad's original Heman jacket. Airbrushed out here in the Bronx. Also, peep the Old Skool television! Ya'll remember 13 channels!!??? Haha. Ahhh, the good ol' days...
So mad this poster never made the cut! If you see the show, pay attention real closely and you might see the bottom inch of it. That's about it. :... ( The footage was eventually edited by yours truly on Final Cut Pro. I'm so proud of the outcome. Several folks broke night with me making sure this shoot got done. SPECIAL THANKS TO:

CHRISTINA BENAVIDES: she not only directed the shoot but helped organize a lot of it! Such a big piece to the puzzle. Thank YOU Christina! You made it happen. CHIARA CRISTINA FARIELLO: designed lights and assistant directed the shoot. We had never met prior to the shoot but she really held it down. What a dope experience! GRACIANO (DJ MELO G): provided the space and made some off-the-chain buffalo wings! Thank you for being so accommodating my dude! MS. B: provided the tv, boombox, plancha, ironing board, and was overall so incredibly willing to help. Thank you Ms. B! MELISSA MONTERO: she was the one who really pushed me to get this done. It was just a thought in my mind but she made me type out a checklist of everything I needed to get done. A month later, I manifested my vision. What a blessing! : )


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