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Friday, November 13, 2009


Last night, I brought Penumbra back to SUNY Oneonta. Despite many challenges, the event turned out to be, I think, a wide success. SGE (Students for Global Education) managed to raise hundreds of dollars to help in funding their trip to Ghana. It also raised a great deal of awareness as well as recognition concerning both the cause and the club itself. The venue was difficult to work with considering the lack of lighting capabilities and limited sound equipment. Having the lighting designer cancel the day of didn't help either but we made the best of the space and I think managed really well.

Shouts out to Emily Hooper who helped out with the show...on her actual birthday! Word up! That was really dope! Also to Dan Pneuman for his phenomenal day-to-day grind on making this happen, Hasanai for planting the seeds, Keon, Michelle, Kerri, Chris, Frederick, and the rest of the folks at SGE. I of course can't forget everyone who helped in promoting and sponsoring the show: Robb Thibault & The Hunt College Union, Bill Harcleroad, CUAC, The Student Association, CME, SCC, The Anthropology Club, and Res Life. Also, thanks to Amanda for taking incredible pictures, Mel Levine for capturing video, and The State Times for being so supportive! (I see you JP!) Thanks to everyone who helped out! (Hope I didn't forget any orgs) Much love & gratitude!

P.S. Shout outs to Parrelli & Yanski for driving all the way from Jersey and dropping my ass off in the Bronx! Word. Ya'll are amazing!

[Photo by HorQet Photography]


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