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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So...over 30 hours driving back and forth from NYC! Phew! What a trip!? Traveled with several members of the National Boricua Human Rights Network. What a powerful experience! First, Michael and Samuel from Batey Urbano took us around Paseo Boricua and Humboldt Park. So much much pride! We are all uniting essentially to raise awareness on the incarceration of several Puerto Rican Political Prisoners including Carlos Alberto Torres and Oscar Lopez Rivera. They were imprisoned nearly 30 years ago for seditious conspiracy. Just imagine: being put in jail for the way you think...

We managed to raise over $1,400 between our Friday event for the prisoners and fundraising campaign at Fiesta Boricua on Division Street. I met some incredibly beautiful people. Got to politick with a lot of the elders and more recently released political prisoners. These past few days taught me a lot about where I come from and where I can be given my mind & spirit align with the stars. I also got to share the stage with Rodstar of Rebel Diaz at this year's Fiesta Boricua, which was off-the-sidewalk! (Xen, did I use that right!!!?) Ha!

All Love.

P.S. I bought me 2 short-sleeved guayaberas at a mom and pop spot out in Chi-Town...and I have to say I feel sooo old skool Puerto Rican right now! I love it!!!


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