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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


If you are not aware of the Legend-In-His-Own-Right JUSTIN BUA, then you might be unfamiliar with the face behind the unfathomable. Justin Bua is a painter who has contributed countless classic masterpieces to the Hip-Hop culture. In a world where art has gone digital, he is one of the very few who still represent in raw form. In promoting his upcoming book, LEGENDS OF HIP-HOP, he will be in New York City on March 25th to unveil his new paintings of DJ Kool Herc and Jay-Z at the Pop International Gallery on 473 West Broadway. The exhibit starts at 8:30pm. This is one of those events where you don't realize you are a part of history until it's in the books years later. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND not missing the show. Upon being put on to his creations years back, I was recently moved to write Justin Bua a song and even further inspired to make him a music video to promote his show. Check it out. (See above video clip)


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