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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


After sending Justin Bua my promo video for his NYC Art Exhibit, he hit me up and offered to take me out for a cup of coffee. So, I met up with him in SoHo about an hour before his show as we politicked about Old School Hip-Hop, arts education, and why the Bronx is better than the upper west side. (WoRRDDD!!!) He gave me a free shirt that he made and signed for me. He also sent me another shirt in the mail because apparently I don't fit an XL. : )
We drank wine, kicked it with folks, he signed my book, took photos, and shouted me out on video! That was dope. Definitely a memorable night. I also met a few cool people. One being Aquino (in above photo). One of Bua's friends from back in the day. There's a picture of him in the back of Bua's book. Such a soulful brother. Intelligent, funny, and empowering. He really helped make the night shine forever brightly in the mind of growth. (Peep Bua's new paintings of Jay-Z and DJ Kool Herc in the background) FReSh!
And for the record, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is tall. Like REALLY TALL! Like OD-Why-Are-You-That-Tall Tall! Like what the hell was yo' momma feedin' you-good lord-wooh child-you're tall! I asked to take a picture with him but it might be possible he didn't hear me from that high up. He just shook his head without making eye contact. (eGo is an interesting thing. I'm actually writing up a new workshop about it. Thank you for the inspiration Kareem!)


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