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Sunday, May 9, 2010


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, Dinah Ismail, flew in from Long Beach, CA to see Penumbra play at Teatro La Tea. I was mad happy because 1. "Damn, you flew in from Cali!??" and 2. she's really cool peoples. She held me down on my 2009 Cali Tour and is one of those people who are a blessing to have in your life. After seeing the show, she offered to hook me up with a free photoshoot. We decided to hit up 5 Pointz in Queens. Here are some of the photos that culminated...

The color in this, I think, is powerful. Very vivid. My button up is actually brown but somehow becomes more burgundy in this photo. (The wall looks even more beautiful in person.)

I really like the one above for the fact that there were no after effects made for it to look the way it does. Natural sunlight and I suppose a camera filter of some sort. The transparency feel is awesome. Dope job Dinah! Much love!

Photo Credit: D. Diamonds


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