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Saturday, September 4, 2010


With the closing of Fat Beats, one has to ponder the future of music. The business of it at least. Especially in Hip-Hop. Right now, the independent artist has to be on an unprecedented grind. People are just not buying music the way they used to. (Let alone vinyl!) Consumers want FREE music. FREE downloads, FREE everything! How does one compete!??

With such incredible new technologies available at such low prices, I think we really need to step up our game and take advantage. Scared money don't make money. We need to produce & record our own music. Make our own videos. Sell our own product & merchandise. Book our own gigs. (Damn...the weight really starts to add up when you think about it.) Nowadays, an MC has to know how to use Pro Tools, Final Cut, Reason, and Photoshop...just to get by. It's a sign of the times. Yet the opportunities are endless. As ever evolving entrepreneurs, let's keep our minds and third eyes open for the next step in the future of Hip-Hop. We will prevail.

with DJ Eclipse.
So much history on these walls...
with Masta Ace.
with J-Live.
I-Truth sportin' that new "WOODGRAIN" (Bamboo MC's new album). Mixed & Engineered by yours truly! : )
YC tearin' it up!
Pack FM and Tonedeff..
Packed house. OD hot...even with 3 ACs pumpin' at that. I didn't see ONE person NOT sweating.
Last in-house sales. Kinda sad when you think about it.

"Peace & Respect to Fat Beats. 94 til infinity!!!" -INTIKANA


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