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Monday, August 18, 2014

Intikana Crowned 2014 End of The Weak USA MC Challenge Champion

Photo by @Whosthefreshest

Intikana Will Be Going to Kampala, Uganda in East Afrika

On Sunday, August 17, 2014, Intikana won 1st place at the 2014 End of The Weak USA MC Challenge of Champions. Head to head with 5 other competitors including Hasan Salaam, Dizzy Sense, MC Elijah Black, and others. After 5 intense rounds (Written, Acapella, Grab Bag/Freestyle, Beat Juggling, & Cypher Skillz), Intikana was able to come home with the championship and now will be traveling to Uganda, Afrika to compete in the World Finals in October 2014. For more photos and videos from the challenge, click and follow @intikana on instagram - Also connect on Facebook
Round 1: Respect 2 Hasan Salaam, MC Eljiah Black, Dizzy Sense, Larry Mike Draw & J Littles who also competed. Powerful night. [Photo by Think Montalvo]
Round 2: Dizzy kiLLin' it! She used to attend my workshops at The Point. Years later, she's tearing it up! So proud of her. Definitely one of the crowd's favorites.
 Round 3: Reppin' for the people of Uganda! [Photo by Think Montalvo]
 Round 4: "Now, that's what you call beat juggling." [Photo by Think Montalvo]
Round 5: Cypher Skillz. Left the mic on fire! [Photo by Cspin]
 "My whole heart, my whole soul is what I'm giving you." -Intikana 

 Shout outs to everyone who came out! Peace & Respect to the hosts & founders of #EODUB - Footage of all 5 rounds coming soon... Stay tuned by subscribing to IntikanaTV


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