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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So far, I have applied to four Language Schools in Quito, Ecuador. One required that I take a 100-question-English-test. Phew! Looking for a job has been a real trip! I spent over 5 hours walking around today alone. I've got a good feeling about one place though. I have an interview tomorrow morning. We'll see what happens...

Walking around Quito has provided me with a great sense of direction. Many of the streets here are labeled with dates. For example, the main road here is "6 de Diciembre" which stands as Quito's Date of Independence. There is a major bus that runs on this road called the "Echovia" which only costs 25 cents. These buses are no joke though! You get NO MORE than 10 seconds to hop in because when the doors close...THE DOORS CLOSE!!! So fast that they can probably cause you to lose your damn arm if you're not quick enough. I have yet to actually sit on the bus. It is usually so packed that people are crunched up next to each other pushing to get in and out. Reminds me a bit of the NYC subway system during rush hour...only with less rails to hold on to.

Another interesting aspect of Quito's streets is the lights. First of all, at night, you will find that no one follows the red light green light rule. Last night, we were in a taxi that passed every single red light. This is because the streets are supposedly a tad bit more "dangerous" at night and most people are not trying to wait for a red light to turn green when they're at some shady corner. Also, there is this...bird sound that is played at just about every cross street. Basically, this sound is supposed to help organize how and when people cross the street. At first, I thought there was a bird in the trees. Then, after walking 10...15...20 blocks, I figured one of two things, either: 1. There is a really big bird following me or 2. Quito's government is not a very big fan of the simple hand that lights up to indicate "Stop." (By the way, you have no idea how beautiful my living room view is.  I happen to be looking at it right now. I have three open windows that oversee the city and in the distance you can see Pichincha which is...pretty much an active volcano not too far away from where I'm staying. Yeah, you don't normally get that in the Bronx!)

In other news, we are going to order a 2-for-one pizza special tonight and celebrate what Nick & Sam have established as "Movie Night." We are going to watch "Que Tan Lejos" which was filmed all around Ecuador. I'm excited to see it! I haven't spoken this much Spanish in a really long time. Also, last night, I met a girl named Johana who is really good friends with Nick & Sam. Thusfar, she has been absolutely amazing! She's going to see if she can hook me up with a used bike so I can train while I'm out here. This will be a great way to prepare for my cross-country bike trip in September. The altitude here is powerful. I've already gotten lightheaded a few times. I've also noticed my shortness of breath when climbing steep hills.

So much more terrain to cover. So many more people to meet and locations to explore. 
This is barely even the beginning...


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