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Thursday, April 30, 2009


After several heated discussions with Ecuadorian Officials, long lines, application fees, and meetings with the US Embassy...Nick & Sam have been denied a renewal for their visa! In other words, they have to leave the country ASAP!!! They have already lost their jobs and have been trying to figure out how to basically NOT get thrown in jail. They recently disappeared to the coast for a few days to hide out and buy time before leaving. They spoke with a lawyer and were told that they may be able to leave quietly by taking a bus to the border and trying to pay the police!!! (SOUNDS CRAZY DOESN'T IT!???

Apparently, the police would rather take $50 of your money directly than $200 (for staying pass the time stamped on your passport) that they have to give to customs. So, we will find out in a few days if they will be alright. They are planning to head to Colombia for the time being until they are able to get new jobs. This whole process has been a mess as we've had to move out of our apartment and find new places to live. I ended up moving in with 2 girls that we met out here in Ecuador. (Long story...) Nonetheless, they are really cool and are actually a couple. Quite the interesting situation for me to be in considering my current circumstances. I will be staying with them until I return back to New York on May 10. They've been real supportive.

Nick and Samantha are going to head to Colombia in a few days...I'm wishing them the best!


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