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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Completed my FIRST live radio Spanish! Fue chebre! (Gracias por todo Rapsoda! y Hip Hop Lado Sur!) We spoke of many things including the history of Hip Hop as well as Hip Hop Theater and where both forms of art stand today. We spoke of commercialism in Hip Hop as well as the underground of New York City. They played 3 songs off Penumbra and I spit a new verse speaking about my experience in South America...acapella. We reviewed Old School Lyrics from Grand Master Flash in both English & Spanish and discussed my play in detail. The radio station also gave away a copy of Penumbra along with a DVD of Kool & The Gang to several callers as the lines were OFF THE HOOK!!!

I got one last show in Colombia this Saturday before heading back to the United States y despues...mi tour en California...y despues mi tour en Las Vegas. I will be back in NYC by June for my birthday and possibly some other festivals. Word came in the mail that I have been accepted to perform Penumbra at the 2009 New York International Fringe Festival in August. I'm excited about that and if all goes well...I might be heading to Cuba this summer. So much of the world to see...


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