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Friday, July 31, 2009


Out of over 160 applicants, my script for Penumbra was selected for HBO's Pitchathon at the New York International Latino Film Festival. I received 5 minutes to pitch Penumbra as a film before a panel of seasoned professionals in the TV/Film industry after which they were scheduled to provide me with advice before an open audience in the HBO Theater on Avenue of the Americas. I received a great response from the panel as well as members of the audience. They were all very receptive to what I had to say and helped me understand what my focus should be for delivering this script to producers. Afterwards, I exchanged contact information with some important people and made some great connections. Even days after the Pitchathon, I got to dialogue with folks who recognized me from the event and was able to share arms open. As always, there is much to reflect on. Being able to catch a mere glimpse of possibility has opened so many doors for me. Step by step...


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