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Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today was Chris' birthday
a really close friend of mine
who I've known since I was about 5 years old
it is always refreshing to see him
as he had a big influence on me growing up
and has always put me on revolutionary thought
he was the first person to put me on Che
and I wasn't even out of High School
he was always passing me books
like, " gotta read this!!!"
wise dude who walks rigid lines in all atmospheres
grew up kicking it with Dead Prez
while working with international scientists and professors
at the American Museum of Natural History
a rare combination of street and intellect
we went for a walk around the neighborhood
and spoke about his homeland of Guyana
and how he got family in the UK
a dark skinned brother from Guyana
with relatives in the UK???
ignorantly, I couldn't understand
how he had relatives spread out like that
until he told me how his ancestors were colonized by Britain
and that's why his parents have such a strong hint
of Patwa in their accent
because the British used slaves from the Caribbean
to produce cheap labor and pretty much...
the same story that goes for all people of color
the enslaved mated with the colonized
the story of our past

we got into even deeper conversations how the FBI
uses drug money to fund their operations
how they let you sell as much as you can
let you make as much as you want
until they're ready to raid your crib
when they do...
they basically take that money
and put it right back into operations
a crazy circle of evil cycles
most of we spoke about:
from why he believes Malcom X really died
to real estate subsidization
has left me trying to visualize that next step
that next stage of consciousness
understanding that we are all currently functioning
on different levels
of that same consciousness
hoping a future near will provide


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