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Thursday, April 8, 2010


What a dope event!? A showcase for some of the most legendary Hip-Hop artists internationally. Siete Nueve de Puerto Rico (above photo) was oFF the hook! I've always heard so much about him. It was so dope to finally meet him and witness him do his thing.

Boca Floja de Mexico (above photo) tore it down!! One of the most exciting aspects of the show was hearing the wide range of accents and seeing how those accents affected flow and creativity. Much props & respect!
Eli Efi y DJ Laylo (above photo) brought it to the people! Along with them, DeLaCeiba and Attiya rocked the mic! Always a pleasure witnessing them get together on stage. Circa 95, Rebel Diaz, Divsion X, El Meswy de Spain and a few other artists as well. Anita Tijoux de Chile....pheeewwwww!!! NO ONE rocked it like her! Words don't even describe. And on the lyrical tip, Miki Flow de Cuba destroyed it! (If you don't know, check out the video below...)

After the show was over, I rode with Rebel Diaz and Miki Flow back to the Bronx. We spoke about things that really made me think and re-analyze the current state of socio-politics in Hip-Hop. Reflecting on the night, we all felt that the energy should have been stronger. It felt more like people wanted "entertainment" rather than what the night was really about...truth, culture, love, and real lyrics. For some of these artists, it was their first time in New York. I know that when I went to Ecuador, for example, people treated me like family just off the tip that I was an MC. That same unconditional love did come across during the showcase though. It was more like, "This is New York City us what you got." Made me really think about the overall atmosphere in NY and the factors that attribute to such artificial barricades. Does that make sense?

To all my international brothers & sisters, sigue la lucha! Nosotros somos los hijos de Hip-Hop y yo pienso que nosotros podemos hacer lo que es imposible! Vamos!!!!

Photography Credit: Michael Premo

Monday, April 5, 2010


Check out this video I made for the National Boricua Human Rights Network's 30 Days For 30 Years: Prison Cell Project.

Videography by: Fascious, Laura Benitez, and Camilo Matos
Photography by: Amy Ponce, Sergio Concepcion de Gracia, Steven Mangual, Camilo Matos, & Fascious
Edited by: Fascious