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Sunday, July 25, 2010


This past week, my Urban Word mentees (Jesica Blandon, Ish, Ka'Mone Felix, Sean B, Justin Long, and Jay Davis) took 1st place at the 2010 Brave New Voices in Los Angeles, California. Finals was hosted by Common and Rosario Dawson. Talib Kweli, who was a judge, ended up performing on stage with Common...

PEEP THE PICS BELOW (All Photos by Intikana)

So much hope. So much inspiration. So much love. Congratulations UDUB!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010


After over a year being away from Cali, I am back! Didn't realize how much I really missed this place. So many memories. Old ones to reflect on. New ones to build upon. So grateful.
Eating bomb food at this Spanish restaurant in The Mission District of San Francisco. (The Mission has some of the sickest murals ever!!!!!)
Playing chess in the park. I lost this game but dude had been playing chess for longer than I've been born. Game ended with only 3 pieces on the board. My king, his king, and his queen. I think I did pretty well!!! Best game I've played in YEARSSS!!! P.S. This guy had the same name as my Grandfather: Ricardo. The man that taught me how to play chess. Trippy...
Music was alive and pumping in the streets. This guitarist sang for me and my homegirl in spanish. 2 beautiful songs. : )
One of my most favorite parts of my trip to California was simply based on moments lived fluidly. No thoughts. Mainly intuition and the need to do whatever my heart desired at any given moment. This is my first time in Cali without me having a show or workshop. I am enjoying just living. At a child!!! Other times, in deep meditation.
After getting some bomb borritos and listening to Nas & Damian Marley's new album (Incredible by the way!), here I am at Delores Park in San Francisco. Later in the week, I got to peep DJ Ethos & Ana Tijoux in San Fran, check out the footage:
Also got to peep the Tommie Smith and John Carlos mural at San Jose State. So powerful. These brothers protested an entire system with the mere symbolic raising of their fists at the 1968 Olympics. I think more athletes around the world should follow in their footsteps and stand up for something. What an unforgettable moment in history!!
Later, I met the legendary playwright Luis Valdez (known as the "Godfather of Chicano Theater") who wrote the infamous Zoot Suit (which was eventually turned into a film.) In the 1960s, he worked with Cesar Chavez in the migrant workers' strikes and combined theater with community organizing. Wonderful spirit.
Emotions were still high in the street. At least the energy was for me. Riding the BART train to Oakland was a powerful experience. Oscar Grant: I promise you...your murder will NOT go in vain.
My homie Andy Robinson really held me down on this trip. Drove through San Fran, Santa Cruz, San Jose, Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Juan Bautista, and back to the Bay! Thanks Andy! It was a blessing building with you brother.
More chess with my boy Charlie "Philosophy: The Unsigned Paradigm of Poetry!" Lots of late night discussions. New perspectives. New energy.

Til next time...Love ya' Cali!!!