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Wednesday, January 1, 2014


"Native EYez" [EP] Cover Photo by Be Aware Photography

"Native Eyez" [EP] Cover Art by Jacqui Martinez

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"Native Eyez" [EP] Back Cover Photo by Be Aware Photography

M1 of Dead Prez, Divine RBG, Nene Ali, Biggie Roggie Shirima [Tanzania, Afrika], Abdala Said [Tanzania, Afrika], Lady M [Bieke, Borikén], MC Natra [Bieke, Borikén], DJ Topix, Ramon Serrano [Poet/Educator/Mentor] and Dylcia Pagan [Boricua Revolutionary/Former Political Prisoner].

Xen Medina, Reph [Circa 95], Ms. Quiet Groove, Mpire The Sire, Classic Tone and Daudi "Daz" Bakari [Tanzania, Afrika].

The Bronx, Borikén [Puerto Rico], and Arusha, Tanzania.