Pages From My Skin

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


After sending Justin Bua my promo video for his NYC Art Exhibit, he hit me up and offered to take me out for a cup of coffee. So, I met up with him in SoHo about an hour before his show as we politicked about Old School Hip-Hop, arts education, and why the Bronx is better than the upper west side. (WoRRDDD!!!) He gave me a free shirt that he made and signed for me. He also sent me another shirt in the mail because apparently I don't fit an XL. : )
We drank wine, kicked it with folks, he signed my book, took photos, and shouted me out on video! That was dope. Definitely a memorable night. I also met a few cool people. One being Aquino (in above photo). One of Bua's friends from back in the day. There's a picture of him in the back of Bua's book. Such a soulful brother. Intelligent, funny, and empowering. He really helped make the night shine forever brightly in the mind of growth. (Peep Bua's new paintings of Jay-Z and DJ Kool Herc in the background) FReSh!
And for the record, Kareem Abdul Jabbar is tall. Like REALLY TALL! Like OD-Why-Are-You-That-Tall Tall! Like what the hell was yo' momma feedin' you-good lord-wooh child-you're tall! I asked to take a picture with him but it might be possible he didn't hear me from that high up. He just shook his head without making eye contact. (eGo is an interesting thing. I'm actually writing up a new workshop about it. Thank you for the inspiration Kareem!)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


If you are not aware of the Legend-In-His-Own-Right JUSTIN BUA, then you might be unfamiliar with the face behind the unfathomable. Justin Bua is a painter who has contributed countless classic masterpieces to the Hip-Hop culture. In a world where art has gone digital, he is one of the very few who still represent in raw form. In promoting his upcoming book, LEGENDS OF HIP-HOP, he will be in New York City on March 25th to unveil his new paintings of DJ Kool Herc and Jay-Z at the Pop International Gallery on 473 West Broadway. The exhibit starts at 8:30pm. This is one of those events where you don't realize you are a part of history until it's in the books years later. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND not missing the show. Upon being put on to his creations years back, I was recently moved to write Justin Bua a song and even further inspired to make him a music video to promote his show. Check it out. (See above video clip)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Peep the scene:

I exit Sylvia's (classic restaurant in Harlem) with leftovers in my hand. I'm talking some amazing whiting fish, garlic/herbal mashed potatoes, yams, and mac & cheese! Yum, right!?

Well...check it out! There was a man on the corner begging for change. I felt mad guilty holding this food (and I'm talking DElicious food!) in my hand so I offer it to him. Below is the dialogue that ensued:

ME: Excuse me, I got some food from the restaurant right there, would you like to eat it?
MAN: Uhhmmm....well, what you got?
ME: Uh, I got fish with...
MAN: Fish? What kind of fish?
ME: I believe whiting. Yeah, whiting fish.
MAN: It's not catfish, is it?
ME: No...whiting.
MAN: You sure it's not catfish!?
ME: Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I was just eating it. There's a whole piece in there. Untouched.
MAN: Well, I don't know. What else is in there?
ME: Uhm, there's mac & chesse, yams....
MAN: Eghhhh... (shakes his head back & forth like he's debating in his mind)
ME: My dude, it's alright. You don't have to eat it. I was just offering.
MAN: Nah, I guess I can.

At this point, we're both holding on to the styrofoam container.

ME: Look, if you're gonna eat it, I'll give it to you. If not, I actually enjoyed the food. I wouldn't at all mind finishing it later tonight.
MAN: No, it's fine. I'll take it. (Looks at the container like I just offered him a bag of shit) Thanks.

I start to walk away when he yells!


I have not been able to get over this. Can someone help me out here? Was I wrong? The man didn't have to be ecstatic for the food but it wasn't like I was offering him a laffy taffy. In that container was a whole meal. That act doesn't make me a humanitarian by any means but you go around the world and see people picking food off the floor and out of the garbage. In NYC, you got homeless folks who are vegetarian, vegan, and lactose intolerant for crying out loud. I just DO NOT understand. Dios mio!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Martin Scorsese: SAY IT AIN'T SO!

The 2 hours and 18 minutes of this film was hard to bare. I think Leonardo did the best with what he could given the script's multiple layers of complexity but nonetheless, I think the movie falls short...rather unfavorably. I never read the book this movie was based on but based on the text, it seems like it was a way better read than it could have ever accurately been translated to the big screen.

In brief, I haven't seen a movie this disappointing since I witnessed The Wrestler (Directed by Darren favorite director hands down!) The Wrestler in its entirety was great. (Don't get me wrong!) It was just the ending that got me like....uhhhhh. My man Mickey Rourke gets on the top turnbuckle, crying (about to have the most fulfilling moment of his career)...jumps...and the screen blacks out! WTF!! Really??! I get the whole "imagine what happened" or "put the pieces together yourself" perspective but damn! Wasn't feeling that. (Forgive the tangent)

Anyhow, I strongly suggest not paying to see Shutter Island. I almost walked out twice but the person I was with convinced me not to. What can I say? Had I not paid $22...I'd a def walked out! It was 7:30pm on a Saturday night and you could actually hear people yawning. That bad! As excited as I was to see it, I'd have to say it was quite the yawn launcher and...I have to say in many ways cliche. Or at least not very innovative. It looked like it needed at least another 2 or 3 months in post production. I've been trying to look up who composed the music for this film. (If you find out...please send me an email: I don't even have it in me to admit the adjectives that come to mind. But hey, I'm not a movie critic, neither am I in a position to say what sounds like tasteless-played out-typical and predictable scary movie music. Honestly, I only KNOW what I like. And I KNOW you couldn't get me to watch this movie again. If you haven't seen it yourself!